The New Jersey Palomino Exhibitors Association is the State Affiliate of the Palomino Horse Breeders Of America. Formed in the late 1960’s, NJPEA is a non-profit organization promoting the breeding and showing of Palomino Horses in the State of New Jersey. All horses registered with PHBA are eligible to show at any of the shows held across the country recognized by PHBA. NJPEA holds two Show Circuits annually. The show program includes classes in Halter, English, and Western for Youth, Amateur and Open competitors.

Membership in NJPEA is automatic when you join PHBA and are a resident of NJ. For more details contact PHBA or the NJPEA treasurer.


We are excited to provide the prize list for the upcoming combined Palomino and Quarter Horse show at the Dream Park June 8, 9 and 10.

Download Prize List (PDF)

NJPEA is running two fundraisers this year:

  1. Palomino Gold

    We have Palomino Gold tickets waiting for you!! They are the same price as last year $10 for the entire month of July 2017. Last year we sold 92 tickets, help us sell more this year!

    So far this year, 12 were sold at Convention and 37 have been sold to family and friends. That is more than half of what we sold last year!!! Our tickets have been sold in NJ, PA, VA, OK, TX, SD & NY. There is no limit!!!

    We have sent 25 to Randy & Kelli. How many can I send to you!!?? The tickets can be mailed to you or we can meet some place or you can come to Marthas’ farm & pick some up. We have tons of numbers……000 to 998……999 is sold!!!

  2. Yankee Candle

    To make a purchase through Yankee Candle Fundraiser please provide our group number to purchase, as proceeds from your purchase will benefit our fundraising group.

    Our group number is 990073436, our group Name: N.J. PALOMINO EXHIBITORS ASSOC. The Customer Portal entry can be accessed at www.yankeecandlefundraising.com. On the left hand side about half way down the page of the Portal you will see a place for you group number and then you should hit start shopping… Once you hit start shopping it will come up with:

    “Welcome! On behalf of N.J. PALOMINO EXHIBITORS ASSOC Group we would like to thank you for your support. Our group will receive 40% profit for each item you purchase.”